Overview: Secabo SignRacer mobile signmaking work station

With the Secabo SignRacer you can travel comfortably with your entire advertising technology studio or your textile finishing production. It has been specially developed for mobile applications in the area of ​​large advertising technology projects, merchandising, mobile sales stands for textiles and trade fair construction. The special Flightcase of the SignRacer is made of high-quality 9mm plywood as well as professional fittings and is able to meet the requirements of mobile use in spite of its low weight. In the SignRacer there is a 60cm cutting plotter - for example, the Secabo S60 - there is a large storage space with a wing door as well as a full extension for other devices such as a Secabo TC7 transfer press, material, tools and a laptop. The large front cover of the SignRacer can be attached to the case by turning the handle to a stable work table with height-adjustable feet. A flap on the back allows convenient feeding of film rolls into the cutting plotter. Cables can be routed and bundled within the SignRacer through appropriate feedthroughs and terminals. The Secabo SignRacer stands on robust steering rollers, 2 of which with parking brake. The Secabo SignRacer is the ideal mobile workstation for mobile use in advertising and textile finishing.

Technical Data

net weight 50 kg
scope of delivery Flightcase with 4 castors, 2 of them with parking brake, cable ducts. No equipment or material included.
Dimensions interior of cutter (W x D x 95 x 47 x 40 cm
Surface worktable 99.5 x 97.0 cm
Working height table 74 cm
Dimensions extracts (W x D x H) 91.0 x 47.0 x 6.5 cm
Storage hinged doors (W x D x H) 95 x 47 x 40 cm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 100.5 x 64.5 x 112.5 cm


applications for vinyl cutters

Quality instead of quantity - be creative with vinyl cutters

what is a vinyl cutter?

Vinyl cutters, just as regular printers, are output devices, which are automatically controlled by the computer. But instead of printing ink, the cutter cuts out objects such as fonts or geometric shapes from self-adhesive materials using a small knife. Usually self-adhesive films are used, but the vinyl cutter can handle all materials consisting of two layers, i.e. have a so-called carrier. With adhesive films, this carrier is usually a silicone paper. During a cut process, the vinyl cutter's blade only cuts the film itself. The material's carrier remains intact and holds the newly designed sticker (referred to as a plot in technical language) together, until it is transferred to the desired surface.

why do I need a vinyl cutter?

Cutting plotters are used by companies as well as in the private sector. There are virtually no limits on creativity.

Vinyl cutters used for signmaking applications

Every company needs to advertise for itself, but advertising is often far too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. The vinyl cutter can offer relief. The vinyl cutter is the central device in a company to use in advertising. It doesn’t only save a large amount of money, but also provides plenty of room to develop your own creativity and ideas. With a vinyl cutter, you can, for example, advertise in the following ways, quickly and easily:

corporate signmaking
corporate vehicle signage
Design of the shop window advertising
Creating banners and stadium advertising at events
Design of the premises of the Company (Room label, signs, screening applications, design elements)
Production of stickers and labels as so-called Print&Cut applications - first you print on eg. sign vinyl, then contour-cut with the vinyl cutter.
Vinyl cutters used for home applications

Anyone who wants to individually create his personal environment will find a vinyl cutter to be the right tool. With these machines, many different creative ideas can be realized like this selection shows

customized wall tattoo
create kitchen surfaces
Hobby applications in the fields of decoration, model making, etc.
Creating templates for painting colorful wall design including banners, ornaments, children's artwork)
individual design of garments like t-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts etc. with flock or flex film

What is the right vinyl cutter for my projects?

When choosing the correct plotter, apart from productivity, considerations regarding operation and menu navigation, especially the maximum cutting width, is crucial. The bigger the sticker, the greater the model of cutter should be selected. So for the creation of fashion, the creation of company signs, and for creating individual living spaces through walls and kitchen tattoos, is usually a 30cm model the best choice. Good value for money for example, the Secabo C30IV Cutters (33cm cutting width).
A larger vinyl cutter is a great option for marking vehicles, for designing banners and shop window advertising, etc. Particularly reliably models are the Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter (maximum cutting width: 63cm) and the Secabo C120IV vinyl cutter (maximum cutting width: 126cm)
For use in daily production operation, we recommend a S-Series cutter, which is a device with servo motors, which offer higher precision, faster cuts and a lower noise level. Cutters are available with 63cm cutting width - the Secabo S60 and 126cm width - the Secabo S120.
For modern Print&Cut applications, the contour-precise cutting of pre-printed material, the T60 or T120 with LAPOS XPT, one of the world's best continuous multi crop mark detection feature for extensive plots might be the ideal solution.


data sheet - Secabo SignRacer mobile signmaking work station


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