Disinfectant dispenser with infrared sensor

Disinfectant dispenser with infrared sensor

Overview: Disinfectant dispenser with infrared sensor

With this new disinfectant dispenser, you can ideally protect employees and your customers with simple, fast and contact-free hand disinfection. The spray system enables a very economical consumption of the disinfectant. Each user receives exactly the right amount of disinfectant and, unlike with conventional dispensers, does not have to operate a lever or the like. Operation is very simple: simply hold your hands under the attached spray nozzle and a fine, misty spray film is applied immediately. This provides perfect protection against infection. The refill is also very user-friendly. Use the key to open the cover of the dispenser and then simply add new disinfectant to the tank. The disinfectant dispenser is suitable for both private and commercial locations, such as kitchens, laundry rooms or shopping centers. This product is made of durable ABS material. With the leak-proof nozzle, the disinfectant is perfectly dosed and thus guarantees low consumption. The volume of the device can also be regulated. This article cannot be exchanged (hygiene protection).

Technical Data

size 13.2 x 8.5 x 24 cm
Capacity 600 ml
colour white
adjustable dosage: (0.5ml or 1ml)
material ABS
power supply 4x AA batteries (optional power supply connection 6VDC)
Sensor range 2-10cm
Product dimensions 85 x 240 x 132mm
Outlet type spray bottle
Brand True Heroes Wear Masks



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