Secabo modular double cross laser table version with 2 x 500mm rod

Overview: Secabo modular double cross laser table version with 2 x 500mm rod

This modular product has the following content:2 × Secabo Crosslaser Basic Unit2 × Secabo 500mm Rod1 × Secabo Stand Basic Unit1 × Secabo Fixed Joint Unit1 × Secabo Screws Bag for Transfer Extension Modules Do you actually know how easy it is to use the new Secabo Crosslaser? The double cross laser table version, here we have the possibility to simply attach a second laser basic unit via a cross bar to achieve even more precision. With the 500mm long rod you can reach a larger area, so that you your textile for example on the chest and on the edge. Here, of course, it helps to use a second laser and reduce the amount of work. Great thing, isn't it? And if you don't want to place the whole thing on your work table, but somewhere else, you can of course build a stand version with 2 additional 500mm or 300mm rods, so that the laser system can also be conveniently placed somewhere else.The decision is of course yours, we make it possible! All products from the Secabo cross laser system can be extended on request and according to your needs. Secabo cross laser modular accessory system for transfer pressesFor even more flexibility and precision in hot transfer: a cross laser suitable for all Secabo transfer presses! The new modular cross lasers from Secabo offer you unprecedented convenience in textile finishing. The Secabo cross laser system can help you, for example, to optimally position the desired transfer objects and to achieve consistent results with higher print runs. With Secabo's flexible cross lasers, textiles and other objects as well as transfer elements such as flex foils, sublimation papers and the like can be positioned easily and reproducibly. Secabo has developed a modular system here that is suitable for almost all Secabo transfer presses. Whether you want to use the table version, stand version or in combination with our Accessory Holder the laser directly at the transfer press.Here your possibilities are extremely variable, because by the different bar lengths and cross bars you can adapt everything to your workplace accordingly. The new laser can be focused even more precisely, which is particularly interesting for hot transfers in series production, as it makes it much easier to position the transfer objects exactly in almost all transfer press types. Like all Secabo products, these new products have been tested in accordance with current safety standards and come with a 24-month warranty. Features all transfer presses can be retrofitted with the cross laser systemmodular design for optimal workflowmore precise positioning due to exact laser focusdesk and floor standing version available Safety instructions!Do not look into the laser beamDo not look into the direct reflections of the laser beamDo not use at eye level.

Technical Data

dimensions 15cm x 50cm x 50cm
weight with package 3,85 kg
Brand Secabo



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