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Foil storage for up to 16 rolls for wall mounting, which can be expanded as desired and supplemented with accessories such as rod set 625mm or rod set 230mm to a professional POS system. The bars for film loading are optionally available.As individual as your requirements.The needs in daily work are as individual as the person doing it. At Secabo, we recognized this long ago and now offer the Secabo Modular Shelving System, the optimal solution for the individual construction of your personal work environment.From shelves and racks for storing rolls of film to tables for transfer presses and cutting plotters - the modular construction kit offers unlimited possibilities! Optionally, a roll holder can also be attached to make working with the cutting plotter even easier. In addition to various sizes, the high-quality modules are available as stand-alone models, rollable or for wall mounting.The sophisticated Modular Shelving System from Secabo impresses above all with its flexibility. On the one hand, the models can be expanded as needed and thus remain operational, for example, when moving or remodeling. On the other hand, the mounting holes ensure a quick and uncomplicated rearrangement of the bars in the hole grid. The Secabo Shelving System thus adapts to permanently changing individual requirements and guarantees clear and material-friendly film storage. Scratches and unnecessary wear are a thing of the past! In the showroom, the system demonstrates a minimalist, appealing design through its consistent reduction to the essentials. In keeping with this, the presentation of textiles is also professional and practical - the flexible design means that shirts, for example, can be ironed on and hung on a bar. The quality standards we have at Secabo are also evident in the use of high-quality components, which ensure high stability and resilience and thus a long service life. In combination with the excellent price-performance ratio, the Secabo Shelving System offers an economical and durable solution for businesses that value quality and individuality.

Technical Data

Dimensions LxWxH 60 x 9 x 60 cm
Load limit 100 kg
weight with package 18,72 kg
Brand Secabo



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