100 sheet Secabo SunGlow sublimation paper A4

100 sheet Secabo SunGlow sublimation paper A4

Overview: 100 sheet Secabo SunGlow sublimation paper A4

Secabo SunGlow Sublimation Paper: Brilliance and precision in every printDiscover Secabo SunGlow Sublimation Paper, which sets new standards with its fast drying time and superior color transferability. This premium paper is specifically designed for precise sublimation transfer of detailed photos and graphics onto solid substrates such as coated metal sheets, wood, tabletops and mugs.The paper's unique coating ensures not only instantaneous drying and outstanding color intensity, but also stunning image reproduction, regardless of transfer temperature or duration. Products created with Secabo SunGlow sublimation paper impress with their multi-dimensional character - from deep, nuanced shades of black to vibrant, intense colors and the finest details.Why Secabo SunGlow?Color-coded back: No more confusion - the color-coded back instantly shows you which side to print on.Exquisite quality: Absolutely top-notch transfer for all sublimation products.Sharp contour results: Experience razor-sharp prints with vivid, brilliant colors.Direct use: Paper is ready to use immediately after printing, with no waiting time, and is easily stackable.Outstanding FeaturesVarious Compatibility: Perfectly matched for Epson, Ricoh and Sawgrass small format printers.Instant Dry: No waiting time - dry immediately after printing.Optimal Printing Results: Ensures outstanding print quality and rich optical densities.Maximum efficiency: Impressively high transfer rates and clean peel-off.Stable sheets: Durability that convinces.Highest porosity: At over 100ml/min, it ensures optimum ink absorption.Bring your creations to life with Secabo SunGlow Sublimation Paper - where precision and brilliance go hand in hand.

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