Overview: Secabo C60 V vinyl cutter

High cutting quality and precision make the Secabo C60 V vinyl cutter a reliable universal partner for all materials commonly used in advertising technology. The cutter was designed with a maximum cutting width of 63cm and a maximum media width of 72cm. The plotter features an entirely new, convenient menu navigation and intuitive handling as well as a unique design. It is perfect for use with the LAPOS contour cut feature, as well as the included DrawCut LITE cutting software for Windows. A stable stand equipped with a roll mount is also included in the scope of delivery.

New optimized controller - so you can keep track of everything

The controller of the Secabo cutting plotter has been optimized for smooth use and easy access to all important functions. The adapted design and the improved menu navigation should ensure an even better overview of the daily work routine.

DrawCut LITE cutting software - standard on board!

The multilingual cutting software DrawCut LITE for Windows is included in the scope of delivery. DrawCut LITE not only reliably handles design and layout tasks and imports a wealth of graphic file formats, but also steers the Print&Cut applications of LAPOS 2, DrawCut LITE has many powerful text tools, vector functions, plotting and weeding tools and is therefore the ideal cutting software for quickly achieving professional plotting results with little training.

Sturdy stand with roll holder - because order must be orderly

A sturdy stand is of course also included in the scope of delivery. The roll holder makes working particularly fun: film rolls are unwound smoothly and jerk-free, ensuring high precision even with long plots.


Easy menu navigation

Easy menu navigation

comfortable control panel with illuminated LCD-display and large buttons

Mac compatible

Mac compatible

This product is also available as a mac compatible version with the SignCut software (without LAPOS).

64bit enabled

64bit enabled

The device can be controlled by 64bit operating systems.

Plug and play

Plug and play

simple installation, no additional drivers necessary

Improved LAPOS

Improved LAPOS

The improved LAPOS facilitates faster reading of crop marks for a productive contour cut.

DrawCut LITE

DrawCut LITE

DrawCut LITE supplied - with controls for LAPOS2 and many functions for professional graphic design

Technical Data

dimensions 92cm x 26cm x 26cm
countour cutting function LAPOS, 4 contour marks
scope of delivery Vinyl Cutter, multilingual cutting software DrawCut LITE (Windows), drag knife, ball-bearing knife holder, plot pen, DIN A3 plot surface, connection cable, stand with roll mount, user manual in English
max. media width 720 mm
max. media thickness 1 mm
max. cutting size 630 mm
max. cutting speed 600 mm/s
mech. resolution 0,0245 mm
interfaces USB
downforce 50 - 500 g
control back-illuminated graphic LCD display with gel buttons
weight without packaging 12 kg
Weight with packaging and stand 22 kg
Brand Secabo


applications for vinyl cutters

Quality instead of quantity - be creative with vinyl cutters

what is a vinyl cutter?

Vinyl cutters, just as regular printers, are output devices, which are automatically controlled by the computer. But instead of printing ink, the cutter cuts out objects such as fonts or geometric shapes from self-adhesive materials using a small knife. Usually self-adhesive films are used, but the vinyl cutter can handle all materials consisting of two layers, i.e. have a so-called carrier. With adhesive films, this carrier is usually a silicone paper. During a cut process, the vinyl cutter's blade only cuts the film itself. The material's carrier remains intact and holds the newly designed sticker (referred to as a plot in technical language) together, until it is transferred to the desired surface.

why do I need a vinyl cutter?

Cutting plotters are used by companies as well as in the private sector. There are virtually no limits on creativity.

Vinyl cutters used for signmaking applications

Every company needs to advertise for itself, but advertising is often far too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. The vinyl cutter can offer relief. The vinyl cutter is the central device in a company to use in advertising. It doesn’t only save a large amount of money, but also provides plenty of room to develop your own creativity and ideas. With a vinyl cutter, you can, for example, advertise in the following ways, quickly and easily:

corporate signmaking
corporate vehicle signage
Design of the shop window advertising
Creating banners and stadium advertising at events
Design of the premises of the Company (Room label, signs, screening applications, design elements)
Production of stickers and labels as so-called Print&Cut applications - first you print on eg. sign vinyl, then contour-cut with the vinyl cutter.
Vinyl cutters used for home applications

Anyone who wants to individually create his personal environment will find a vinyl cutter to be the right tool. With these machines, many different creative ideas can be realized like this selection shows

customized wall tattoo
create kitchen surfaces
Hobby applications in the fields of decoration, model making, etc.
Creating templates for painting colorful wall design including banners, ornaments, children's artwork)
individual design of garments like t-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts etc. with flock or flex film

What is the right vinyl cutter for my projects?

When choosing the correct plotter, apart from productivity, considerations regarding operation and menu navigation, especially the maximum cutting width, is crucial. The bigger the sticker, the greater the model of cutter should be selected. So for the creation of fashion, the creation of company signs, and for creating individual living spaces through walls and kitchen tattoos, is usually a 30cm model the best choice. Good value for money for example, the Secabo C30IV Cutters (33cm cutting width).
A larger vinyl cutter is a great option for marking vehicles, for designing banners and shop window advertising, etc. Particularly reliably models are the Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter (maximum cutting width: 63cm) and the Secabo C120IV vinyl cutter (maximum cutting width: 126cm)
For use in daily production operation, we recommend a S-Series cutter, which is a device with servo motors, which offer higher precision, faster cuts and a lower noise level. Cutters are available with 63cm cutting width - the Secabo S60 and 126cm width - the Secabo S120.
For modern Print&Cut applications, the contour-precise cutting of pre-printed material, the T60 or T120 with LAPOS XPT, one of the world's best continuous multi crop mark detection feature for extensive plots might be the ideal solution.


Upgrade DrawCut LITE to DrawCut PRO

Upgrade from an existing DrawCut LITE license to DrawCut PRO. When you purchase DrawCut PRO, you...


drag knife for normal fonts for Secabo

Drag knife for standard films, script, masking film, etc. Cutting angle 30°, Wedge angle 30°,...


drag knife for small fonts for Secabo

Drag knife for small fonts. Cutting angle 45°, wedge angle 30°, Offset 0,25mm. Also suitable for...


drag knife flock for Secabo

Contour cutter for flock film, textile film, felt, cardboard. Cutting angle 60°, wedge angle 30°,...


Knife holder for Secabo C V, S II,T II and SC30 series

Cutterholder or knife holder made of aluminium, ball bearing, for receiving drag knives, for...


Pen holder for Secabo C V, S II and T II series

Pen holder for Secabo C V, S II and T II series.



data sheet - Secabo C60 V vinyl cutter


User manual C60 V, V C120, S60 II, S120 II


Brochure Secabo C V Series


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