Secabo SC30 PRO sheet cutting plotter

Overview: Secabo SC30 PRO sheet cutting plotter

The SC30 PRO sheet cutting plotter from Secabo automatically cuts out contour-precise stickers and similar objects from sheets up to a maximum size of 330mm x 488mm. In doing so, the SC30 PRO reliably draws in the individual sheets automatically from a stack of up to 100 sheets - depending on the material. Many printable self-adhesive materials such as paper or foil can be used. The cutting system's maximum contact pressure of up to 750g also allows laminated prints to be cut. With the well-known fiducial recognition system LAPOS Q, a barcode with the identifier of the corresponding cutting job is read in at the beginning of each sheet in addition to the fiducials, and the associated data is automatically retrieved from DrawCut PRO. This means that sheets with different cutting jobs can be mixed. No user intervention is required. The SC30 PRO sheet cutting plotter is the ideal machine for reliable and automatic production of contour cut stickers and labels in copy store, product marking, office applications and more.Compared to the regular Secabo SC30, the SC30 PRO has a CCD camera for fast reading of registration marks and QR codes. This allows the speed of reading a sheet to be reduced from 30 seconds to around 5 seconds, significantly increasing processing speed and thus maximizing throughput. Fully automatic contour-accurate cutting of stickers and labels from sheets up to 330mm x 483mmFast sheet cutting with automatic batch feedingIdeal for short-run production of custom labels, product marking, office applications or for copy shopsEasy creation of registration marks and job barcodes in DrawCut PROQuiet desktop machine, ideal for office environmentDrawCut PRO for Windows included.

Technical Data

interfaces USB, SD card
countour cutting function CCD camera
scope of delivery Sheet cutting plotter, multilingual cutting software DrawCut PRO (Windows), drag knife, ball-bearing knife holder, plotting pen, connecting cable, user manual in German language
power supply 175W, 230V, 50Hz
environment 5°C - 35°C, up to 50% humidity
max. thickness 0,5 mm
motor servo drives
Servo motors contact pressure 50g - 750g
control backlit graphic touch LCD graphic display
Max. cutting speed 960 mm/s
Dimensions (W x D x H) 65cm x 51cm x 37cm
Max. sheet size 330mm x 488mm
Max. cutting surface 320mm x 478mm
weight with package 54,00 kg
Brand Secabo



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